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Embassy of Denmark - Pretoria

iParioli Office Park, Block B2 1166 Park Street Hatfield 0083 Pretoria, South Africa Phone +27 (0) 12 430 9340

Denmark in Mozambique 

Denmark does not have an embassy in Mozambique. Enquires can be made to the Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa or the Danida office in Maputo.

Travel Advice
Denmark does not publish travel advice for Mozambique. Instead, we kindly refer you to use other EU countries' travel advice information, which can be found at: http://um.dk/da/rejse-og-ophold/rejse-til-udlandet/andre-landes-rejsevejledninger/

Danish Citizen Service - Acute Assistance
Danes who acutely needs assistance in Mozambique can contact the 24/7 emergency centre at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen. Call +45 3392 1112 or email bbb@um.dk

Danish Citizen Service - Passports
All  passport requests are handled by the Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa. The application guide can be found on the Embassy's website, here: http://sydafrika.um.dk/en/travel-and-residence/danish-passports-and-travel-documents/. Applicant are able to collect their passport at the bewlow DANIDA office in Maputo.

Enquiries: pryambpas@um.dk

Danes list
All Danes who travel to or reside in Mozambique are urged to register themselves on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Danes list. The list will be utilised in case of emergencies or crisis situations. Please use the link in the right side panel to register.

Visa to Denmark
Apply for a visa to Denmark at the Netherlands Embassy in Maputo. Only citizens/residents of the country may apply. Please visit homepage for more information: https://www.netherlandsandyou.nl/travel-and-residence/visas-for-the-netherlands/applying-for-a-short-stay-schengen-visa/mozambique

It is not possible to apply for a residence permit to Denmark at this location. Individuals, who wish to apply for a residence permit, family reunion along with other long term permits, are referred to the Danish missions in the region, where these matters are handled e.g. the Danish mission in South Africa or Kenya.

Consulate of Denmark Mozambique

The consulate is closed temporarily. Consular enquiries can be made to the Danish Embassy in Pretoria. However, Danish citizens may contact the below office for minor consular matters assistance/enquiries:

UMAP/DANIDA - Unidade de Monitoria e Assessoria do Programa
Rua Daniel Napatima, 295

Tel: +258 21 483 102/+258 82 308 3350
E-mail: argcou@danida-mozambique.com

Opening hours: Tuesday & Thursday 09h00 to 12h00
Appointments not necessary

Export Assistance
For export assistance in Mozambique, please contact the Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa. See contact information for the Embassy in the left side panel.